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Terms & Agreement


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Pets Contented

* Pets Contented and its employees agree to provide services stated in this contract in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of the services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against Pets Contented or its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of Pets Contented. Client agrees to notify Pets Contented of any concerns within 24 hours after collection.

* We endeavour to build good relations and show courteous manners at all times and expect same from The Client towards all those at Pets Contented. Failure to do so including any unethical behaviour, shall result in services being discontinued. Pets Contented are within their rights to refuse services or withdraw services to whosoever they wish at any time.* Pets Contented do not accept bookings for any dog subject to the Terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, any dog that has been outside the UK in the past 6 weeks or any dogs that are unruly or aggressive. We reserve the right to transfer any pet that shows behaviour problems to a place of kennel boarding. The Client will be held responsible for collection of the pet and responsible for all transfer fees, boarding fees and any other costs as a result. Although Pets Contented are public liability insured, The client will be held liable for any injury caused to anyone at Pets Contented.

* The Client agrees, if your dog attacks or fights with another dog or animal or person or persons which causes injury to another animal/s or person/s you are responsible for any losses incurred as a result including but, not limited to, fees of veterinary costs in respect of all injuries to that animal/s or person/s which is caused by your dog. You are advised to have your own third party liability insuring your dog against sickness, accidents or injuries and third part liability, prior to using our services.

* The Client must present the dog for boarding in a clean and groomed condition, with all up to date vaccinations at least 2 weeks PRIOR to starting their boarding. The client is responsible for administering an effective flea/tick (i.e. Frontline) and worming treatment for all services/at least 2 weeks PRIOR to boarding. Should, any dog be found to have signs of fleas or worms, they will be taken to a vet for medication and billed to you upon your return including billing from Pets Contented for all inconveniences, fumigation, cleaning procedures involved. No further boarding shall be given to The Client’s dog.

* The Client agrees to reimburse Pets Contented for all costs including, but not limited to, medical care associated with contracting any ailments while exposed to the clients pet(s).

* Any medical concerns will be referred to a Qualified Veterinary Practice and not diagnosed or treated by Pets Contented. All pets must be registered with a Qualified Veterinary Practice.

Authorisation for Emergencies Client agrees to authorise Pets Contented to handle any emergencies that may arise. Pets Contented will always make every effort to contact client, however, the client must give Pets Contented authority to act in the Pets best interest at all times. Client will be responsible for all fees to Veterinary Practice with an hourly rate to Pets Contented. Though not essential, we recommend phoning your vets to state a ‘Veterinary Release’ form has been signed over to Pets Contented providing your vet with the dates you are away.Special needs dogs
Whilst Pets Contented are happy to care for dogs with minor special needs we are not full time veterinary carers and as such, you The Client must not board your dog if it’s need are too great.

COVID-19 TIMESSorry but we are not accepting any new clients during these times. We are not taking any deposits until the country is stabilised completely away from the COVID-19.  Payment to be made in full 1-3 days before boarding or in cash in envelope  when bringing your dog for boarding.  

Payments: We still accept cash as cash is legal tender but will accept payments by direct transfer. Please do bear in mind if you pay by bank transfer will have to wait longer for your confirmation of booking. First bookings, must always make their deposit, at the assessment in cash or we cannot book you in.

Usually bookings are made with a deposit of 25% (twenty five percent) of the total. Minimum deposit £50 for Christmas. COVID-19 TIMES We are not taking any deposit until the country is stabilised completely away from the COVID-19. Balance of payment is always made before boarding/services or in cash when arriving with your dog. Balance paid by cheque must be sent 2 weeks prior to boarding. Payment is per day not per night regardless of time arrival / collection.

Bank/Christmas/Public Holidays – Please arrange drop off and collection prior/after public holiday periods. WE ARE NOT OPEN OVER THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD ANY LONGER.

Cancellation Policy for Boarding – Cooling off period of 24 hours to cancel. After this time all cancellations must be made in writing and sent to Pets Contented (email will suffice).  Cancellations less than 1 calendar month (start boarding date) full payment is payable. Over one calendar month deposit only payable.  Failure to comply shall result in making a small Court Claim.  Early collections are not refundable. Refunds (COVID-19) sent in the form of a cheque in the post to your home address. Please contact us as soon as you have decided to cancel your holidays this year. We will contact you well in advance regarding this issue.  COVID-19 times. No charge for cancellation – to our clients. No new clients are being accepted at this time.

Appointment times of Arrivals and Departures – Please have some consideration; we have to feed and walk those dogs in boarding, sleeping rooms need cleaning and we cannot allow you to drop off or collect without prior arrangement, from the hours stated.

All Public holiday weekendsClosed for arrivals or departures

Delays – If delayed or any problems, always contact us on phone number provided regarding collection. Extra time emergency stay will induce a one day extra fee and thereafter, to be paid by The Client upon collection.

Health and Safety and walking in extreme weather conditions
We can assure you walking is carried out most of the year. In extreme weather however, Pets Contented are not obliged to walk any dog.  Visit services to walk a dog will continue, unless unable to reach (i. e. snow drifts or floods) when owner shall be contacted immediately. If visiting is possible, dogs shall be taken briefly outside and given company inside your home for the duration of their walk time with full payment.

End of Terms and Agreement

Please note; Terms and Conditions are subject to change, please read updates here online prior to boarding.

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